Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My book about my dad and The Manhattan Project

I'll be closing Planet California down for a while to research and write the book I've been contemplating for twenty years: the story of my father and his involvement with the world changing Manhattan Project.

Much of the material I'm seeking is available through The Freedom of Information Act, while much more must be gathered through personal interviews. I wish I hadn't waited so long, frankly, as many of the people I need to talk to are gone now. I also plan to travel to the place of my birth, Hanford, Washington, one of the three Manhattan Project production sites, for the intense experience of feeling and knowing by putting my feet on that ground again after 57 years. My sister, who is fifteen years older than I, will go with me.

Dad wasn't forthcoming, obviously, about his job, thus, the reason for the need for so many outside questions. I admit it may sound odd to many of my readers that I have only just found out in the last few years of my father's FBI agent training at Quantico. We didn't speak of Dad's job, even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and into the Cold War years when Dad was transferred to another high security job in Kansas City, Missouri in 1949. There were many middle-of-the-night phone calls that were not discussed.

My father's story is one that deserves telling. He was the oldest of eight in a family of yeoman Indiana corporate farmers, a high school and college four-letter athlete, state champion athletic coach and beloved teacher. He had a beautiful, brilliant and educated wife (also a teacher) and two fine children. Things went swimmingly except they were absolutely without money. No one had money.

Then he made a dramatic, painful jump to private industry from the love of his life--teaching--made out of economic necessity, not choice. No more painting barns or schlepping his entire family to work in the steel mills in Gary during the summers for the man with two degrees and a nice job the rest of the year. He had to find other work. He about 1939. Right down the road at DuPont, the folks who put the security into The Manhattan about 1942, when a flat organizational democracy of scientists were running riot with their loose lips and riling against the constraints of national security to the point of chaos and jeopardy. It was at this point my father became a part of the project and my entire family moved from Indiana to temporary barracks housing in Richland, Washington.

I hope to write this story such that it instructs and allows my grandchildren to grasp the greatest generations' early motivations, patriotism, hardships, dreams and sense of honor. I'm driven also by the ideal of setting the record straight by demonstrating just who was involved with this critically important phase of world history. After all, it wasn't all Einsteins, Oppenheimers, Groves, Fermis (our neighbor) and Tellers who did this deal. Real people put this thing together. My father was one of them.

Until the book, without so much as a working title, is much further along...

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dissecting the GOP; it's a filthy job but somebody's gotta do it.

I can't stop myself. We need a nasty post postmortem.

Sarah Palin
I got hate mail when I spoke about how Palin needed to study. However, I never said I wanted her for president, I don't think. I did say, IF she wanted to BE president, she needs to probably consider boning up on everything.

After all the knuckledragging sexist men and snobbish women (like they have anything to be snobbish about) finished with her, she has become something of a joke and thus likely will become another political casualty of history. There's probably little that can give Republicans added value now that she's trying her own PR.

By the way, her public relations is NOT working.

John McCain
What can I say? I believe his age was the enemy for Independents and the youth vote. Palin also became an issue.

George W. Bush
Is he drinking again? Where the hell is he?

Dick Cheney
Where is he? Where's the leadership?

Oh, I forgot. It never existed.

Mike Huckabee
This man is probably the biggest opportunist who ever came into 21st Century Presidential Republican politics. He talks the talk; but walking's another matter. He also will be a liability if we are stupid enough to be duped again by his candidacy.

Fred Thompson

How I wish.

Mitt Romney
He's never looked so good.

As for all the new kids on the block: there seems to be an abundance of literate, attractive governors and congress people out there who have experience and charisma enough to take the lead in our party.

The governors seem to have the ability, because of their executive experience, to put programs together (except for that dolt, Schwartzenegger) which will attract the new voters that we MUST collect to win elections.

We have to change. Period. It's all in the numbers. Otherwise, we're over.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Sarah! Take Dr. Krauthammer's advice.

"Mrs. Palin needs to go back to Alaska for two years and read everything she can (paraphrased)." Charles Krauthammer on Fox News--last week.

Dr. Krauthammer brings up a point which bears her attention, if Governor Sarah Palin wants to be president of the United States. I believe she needs to do as he suggests, and give herself over to the scholarship of international policy and leadership. Leaders are indeed born, but most success depends on knowledge of the subject matter, not luck and personality.

It may take three or four hours a day of nothing but reading think tank white papers and gobbledygook about Persian history or about the background of Poland and Russia's relationship over the past few years. She needs to know where the Fifth Fleet hangs out. She has to read Janes; she's got to see the German and French papers, Financial Times, Russia Herald everyday; Cato, AEI, American Heritage, Al Jazeera, Mhimi and so many who can give her every morsel she needs.

(How I'd love to be on the readings selections committee.)

Sometimes, just having enough knowledge, even a generalist's one, is enough to spur important questions of her subject matter experts on staff. I know this as an ex technical writer. Every interview I had with a subject matter expert was better facilitated as a result of my own prior research and knowledge of the topic. Its efficiency and success depended upon my preparation.

Her obvious abilities--her intellect, her ability to respond without being defensive, and her confidence will be enhanced and so would her image--especially to women. Sarah should have received more votes from women. I wonder if it really was the abortion issue that stood in their way...or the fact that they just didn't trust her.

It takes one to know one. I'll risk letting out a secret, but most women know that many of us fake life until the day we die. We're just good at it, as a gender, as procreators; thus, our feelings, instincts and actions come from our gut, not always from our cerebral cortexes.

Who else but a woman with five children, including a special needs one, who has worked all her life, raised her children, has run a city, then a state, changed the direction from down to up in an impossibly difficult campaign with John McCain, turned on MSM when she got out of her commitment to McCain--and has recently sent a son off to war--who else could learn the ins and outs of what used to be INACCESSIBLE KNOWLEDGE?

Palin's power is on the increase; it would behoove her to arm herself, using her best asset--her political skill and instinct--and add to that a body of knowledge that will take her to the top. Her sophistication and knowledge of policy issues will only help her in the long run. We all know she's smart. Now we want her to show it.

One of the reasons Obama won over so many of the elite, which is important--sorry, but it is to a certain degree--is by his acquaintance with varying subjects which came from reading, reading and more reading. Sarah can do this with one kid on her hip, another pulling on her to take her to her cheerleading class, and cooking dinner all at the same time.

Not to mention, she is one great looking women, which never, ever hurts.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Palin now defines herself...and maybe the GOP

(Psst! Check my son-in-law's new video out!)

Palin's honored her commitment to the Republicans who supported her and brought her into the limelight by doing what she was told. She did it mighty well, I believe.

She's no fool; she knew neuroses when she saw it in the McCain group. I imagine the back biting in Wasilla is pretty much the same as in the lower 48 considering it is humans who reside there. Maybe she's developed an internal system to handle the grief she gets. She's very good at defending herself against the powers that be, isn't she?

She's showing her mettle right this minute by standing up to the media and making herself available to them everywhere she goes. Her interviews are insightful, real and sincerely delivered. Today, she makes no bones about how poorly she was handled, but she refuses to blame or even cite John McCain as a problem. She's smart to do that.

She's a typical winner. Her internal strength is sometimes called cockiness. If she were a man, it would be called something entirely different--the name would connote trust and admiration.

How sad that both Democrat and Republican machines still cannot cope with real women in presidential politics. Both parties do their dirty work pretty much the same, I see.

Meanwhile, I hope that the anonymous parties who are spreading rumors about Palin never receive another consultancy fee again. I am ashamed that my donation money has paid their invoices.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hagel says draft may be unavoidable.

This is what I was worried about when old Joe Biden dropped the bomb about needing to support our new president in the first days of his administration. I thought then he was talking about reinstating a selective service system.

If Chuck Hagel, "Republican" Senator from Nebraska becomes Secretary of Something, this is great way to start his propoganda campaign "for" a draft by slowly frontloading the "bad" news.

I wonder how the Obama kids will feel then.

Unfortunately, the world is heating up more as governments now want to test the changed America. Russia has thumbed its nose at Obama, which must say volumes about Medvedev's (Putin"s) regard for our new prez. Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez and the Russians are new best friends; Cuba's waiting to get their land back (Gitmo); and if Obama doesn't renew the free trade agreement with Colombia, the open door to socialism is bound to occur there because of the fall of their economy.

That's just the beginning.

There's also the matter of continuing Bush's plans to have anti nuclear defense missiles in Poland. Obama states he doesn't want to have them there if they're not working. (They are working.) So, what will he do when Putin starts flexing more Russian muscle? Will he back down?

He won't have to cancel that Polish facility if he can start a new military draft. He won't have to worry about the troop level problems, he thinks, and he can start anew. Too bad he want to cut 25% of the Military's budget. That may have been a campaign lie.

Today is Veteran's Day.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

McCain needs to stand by Palin publicly

He got her into this mess; now he's got to get her out of it. That is, if he wants to show his honor.

Anonymous sources in the McCain-Palin campaign, which should give you pause, have made possibly slanderous, ugly statements about Mrs. Palin. This is the poorest form of post-election behavior and against all protocol and common courtesy.

I'm hoping Senator McCain will show his vice presidential pick the same courtesy he gave President Elect Obama in his concession speech. Moreover, a similar statement should come from Obama to counter the ridiculous over animation and racist slurs by his own people towards the rest of the country, including Joe the Plumber.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

It's over. Let's move on and leave Mrs. Palin alone. She did not lose the election for us; John McCain and his feckless, incoherent campaign lost it.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama's Tax Plan

The really disturbing thing is that Faux News is trying to convince Americans that $250K a year is NOT rich?? Geez if all Americans were making that kinda money then we wouldnt have a housing crisis...

Becky--on a political message board, October 21, 2008

She has a point.

Think about it. If everyone who had taken out those terrible loans was making that kind of money, there's be no crisis!

The rest of what she says infers the class warfare that really requires no other discussion.

However, the tactics which are being utilized by the Obama people are tried and true methods, and they have had the luck so far.

It's disturbing to the point of sleeplessness that a person about whom we know so little--by his design--and about whom we know too much--the Ayres, Wright and Acorn connections, is nearing the presidency. I've told myself the American people won't put up with his big plans once they figure out what he's doing, it'll just be for a short time, like Jimmy Carter.

But, with the economy in the mess it's in...I don't have a lot of faith there will be a huge number of Americans who are "willing" to see through the Obama promises, considering all the goodies they're getting for supporting the guy.

There's always an end, though. Nothing's forever.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Open letter to General/Secretary Colin Powell

Dear Mr. Powell,

As a fellow Republican who has always trusted your leadership and strength, your instincts to place country before personality and your demonstrated ability to get the military and state departments missions successfully accomplished, I ask in all respect that you listen to me.

I understand via the media, those "Infallibles," that you plan to endorse Senator Obama this weekend.

Someone in our party has to ask the question. If this is true, why?

Is your alleged impending decision to support your fellow man of color who comes, frankly, from the other end of the political spectrum when it concerns freedom and democracy a return to an instinctual Colin Powell, a brother, rather than a father or a leader? Are you tired of the Uncle Tom routine? I thought you were bigger than that, Sir.

But I'm worried that you've changed your whole personal/political paradigm to fit a Democrat's world view. When and why did that happen? How, Sir, can you even contemplate supporting a man like Barack Obama who preaches precisely the opposite of what you have defended and even fought for?

You've seen little despots before, General. Your tours of duty while serving the United States with great honor must have encountered those who would use their cult of personality to obtain power. He doesn't remind you of one, even when you read the G2, the real dope?

Evidently not. I think you're blinded by your own bias. But then, who isn't? That's why we have political parties--to bring ideas together from disparate sources and people.

You know, General Powell, I would've voted for you almost blindly also because you represent a standard that is exemplary for kids. Now? Your ambivalence to the obvious hate speech and agitation of race music and hip hop versus the evident slights you might have felt you endured during the Bush administration must be difficult to deal with.

And I'm presumptuous to make such an assay of your life. But, I do wish to confront your involvement in Republican politics and your inability to support them. At least, Lieberman became an Independent, a fair outcome to his disagreements with the left wing of his party.

In the meantime, I respect your reputation and its accompanying honor. I certainly mean no disrespect to your freedom of choice, regardless of party. I only hope he will accept my "helpful" exhortation as a peer in the same political party to think long about your endorsement for president.

By the way, Senator Obama's stand on the issues is the reason I won't vote for him; not because he's a black man. It's sad that this point must be made over and over again.

Thank you for your service.

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Obama's first instinct: attack and destroy Joe the Plumber

It's great to be here in Miami. Florida is a must-win state on November 4th, and with your help, we're going to win Florida, and bring change to Washington, DC. We had a good debate this week. You may have noticed-- there was a lot of talk about Senator Obama's tax increases and Joe the Plumber. Last weekend, Senator Obama showed up in Joe's driveway to ask for his vote, and Joe asked Senator Obama a tough question. I'm glad he did; I think Senator Obama could use a few more tough questions.

The response from Senator Obama and his campaign yesterday was to attack Joe. People are digging through his personal life and he has TV crews camped out in front of his house. He didn't ask for Senator Obama to come to his house. He wasn't recruited or prompted by our campaign. He just asked a question. And Americans ought to be able to ask Senator Obama tough questions without being smeared and targeted with political attacks.

John McCain speech today at political rally.

So, let me get this straight. Ask a question of a political person who has come to your neighborhood to campaign and this is what you get? Pilloried and categorized, put down and indicted for what? For asking an uncomfortable question?

Here's the problem: the Obama campaign is simply too quick to jump on the "disagree-ers." That is a dangerous, ominous sign of a group of people who won't take criticism or questions from a common citizen. It's as if one should be aware of participating in debate lest they be called crazy people, like the average guy in Ohio who told McCain he was mad as hell or a neighbor, like Joe the Plumber.

It doesn't matter where he is in his career path. None of it matters. What matters is there appears to be an entire mechanism in place to destroy ordinary people.

As I recall, the Bush administration has also been labeled as a group who couldn't take criticism and wouldn't listen. At least, though, they left you alone if you dared to complain about them.

It's hardly a tactic our founders would have approved of. Actually, it's shockingly un-American.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Man of the Year: Joe the Plumber

God works in the strangest and the most humorous of ways. Could this be an October surprise? One of a few?

Steps forward a young man, the great stereotypical physique of the American construction worker, an ambitious single father of one who is working on his plumber's licensing exam. When Obama chose to walk Joe's neighborhood, standing quietly, then seeing an opportunity to talk to the Senator, Joe opens a dialogue about how his economic plan will help him, Joe: the plumber, the entrepreneur who is planning to buy his boss's plumbing business.

How can Obama's tax plan help him and his business?

Well, of course, it can't and it won't. The tax plan that Senator Obama has laid on many of the unsuspecting American public will dry up small businesses and thus kill jobs. Not all corporations are General Motors. Not only that, people who don't pay taxes will be getting money from the government. In addition, the tax break at $250, 000 is not true. People who are making between 90 and 125,000 dollars will be decimated with increased taxes.

It's just so simple, Barack. Why is it you Dems put a roadblock ahead of people who are trying to build businesses? There must be a boilerplate answer for this somewhere in those manuals; regardless, for the life of me I can't understand the concept of destroying small businesses with higher taxes during a recession. It's just too dumb for discussion. The fact that Obama has even brought it up is the only reason it is being considered as an alternative. By anyone except socialists, of course.

Moreover, we're seeing how Senator Obama's ACORN distractions have cost us all money. But, that's another issue for another time.

Gallup just announced a two-point race after last night's debate. Each time we're hitting Obama, it's on the chin. We musn't stop because of the race baiting and what a bunch of uninformed or on-the-take people say about us.

This is not over yet. These horses are between the third and fourth turn in a race that can go either way.

Just wait till they hit the stretch to the wire.


Odinga? Who's Odinga?

Senator Obama's response to Joe the Plumber that we should spread the wealth around stays with many of us, kind of like that icky fish you knew you shouldn't have even tried--mostly those of us who are worried about statism and taxation.

Joe the Plumber has a good head on his shoulders. He might even get some lasting fame out of this if he's strong enough to kick off the Obama thugs.

The girls will love him.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm outta here for a deserved vacation.

Wahoo, ur, I mean, yahoo!


See you in a month!

Sing for Obama

Hmmm. I don't like how this feels for some reason. I'm not sure why.

Watch this!

Sing for Obama

Have a great day.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Twelve California Democrats vote no on bail out.

They are:
Bacca, Becerra, Sherman, Raybal-Allard, Sancezes, Schiff, Solis, Stark, Thompson, Watson and Woolsey.

How 'bout that? Nancy can't even control her own state caucus.

Pass this on!

So...some of you Republicans (snobs) want Sarah to bow out, huh?

Before her debate?

Why? She's had a couple of bad spots, but give her a break. She's only been at this national level for a few weeks. She's got some rough edges, but many of them appeal to the very people we want on our side, people who believe the same way most Republicans do.

I have high expectations for Sarah on Thursday evening. If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. Regardless, it wouldn't look too great for Senator McCain to just dump her...and I wouldn't want him to.

John McCain's instincts are pretty good. I think he's chosen a diamond in the rough who reminds him of himself when he was that age. There's nothing wrong with that!

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The Reform message is strong as McCain-Palin return to stump

Senator McCain looks rested and confident this morning.

Sure enough, he's on the stump--in Ohio--laying Obama out issue by issue--from Obama's silly laissez faire, casual attitude during last week's bail out talk to his inability to do away with his ideas to raise our taxes during this economic mess. As Senator McCain said about it, "he said he would suspend his plans for tax increases, etc."

McCain's new vigor and aggression is a relief after Friday's debate.

Sarah Palin, traveling with McCain, meanwhile has hit the stage like she owns it sounding like she has found her voice. She made a point of "announcing" that her job in the administration will be to lead America to energy independence. She told Ohioans and the rest of coal country that coal technology is the way of the future while reminding them Obama won't even consider clean coal technology.

Her demeanor is different somehow. I think she's been hammered on an anvil that either hardens or breaks the person. She's beginning to get a burnished look and a tiny patina of experience. As she defines herself, her public presentation is significantly improving.

John McCain's gamble to go back to Washington was a winner, as I predicted. We would've had an ACORN deal in the first or second draft of the bailout if John McCain hadn't brought the MSM cameras to the Halls of Congress and to the 100 or so Republicans (and some Democrats) who felt they were being overwhelmed and muscled. McCain gave them the exposure and leadership they needed at a time that was absolutely imperative.

Meanwhile, the Dems own the House. All they have to do to "save" all of us is pass the law. If it's life and death, why not just pass the darned thing? They caused this problem; now they get to take responsibility and Republicans who believe this is impractical and irresponsible policy shouldn't have to carry Barney Frank's water.

McCain is stomping on Obama now about his inaction and laid back attitude. As he said, "I, like my idol, Teddy Roosevelt, want to be in the middle of the fight. I don't phone it in."

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama's pals at NBC's Saturday Night Live

I don't know if we can overcome the popular myth makers who are taking so much trouble to try to destroy the Republican Party.

Our chances of winning the election might be slimming down as a result of the very effective anti Palin movement in the entertainment industry. Saturday Night Live, the children who make more money in one hour than my father ever did in his educated, experienced lifetime have been given the no-holds-barred okay from their corrupt management to go after Senator McCain and Governor Palin.

Last night's SNL was no exception. (I had to leave the room when my husband punched it in.) The vicious characterizations of Mrs. Palin and Senator McCain indicate a very odd arrangement that these out of touch entertainers have with the rest of us. They are unabashed in their belief they have the moral right to use their programming as pure propaganda. Fair? Not at all. Mean and ugly are more like it.

The rest of us just have sit and listen to it. You and I are pretty helpless considering our place in the media food chain. But that's free speech, isn't it?

Unless something happens to change the perception that we're bungling idiots, we're going to lose. Nevermind that the problems of the melt down in the banking and mortgage sectors of our economy are directed related to the policies and immorality of the Democratic Party as they placed people who didn't have money into homes.

Then the real idiocy--Democrats trying to run the country--will take center stage. If America can survive the Left's occupation of all three branches of our government (hopefully it will be a short reign), we can start again presenting our Republican principles to a more mature and experienced public.

If you think you're frustrated now with the government bail out and it accompanying politics and giveaways, just wait until Obama and Biden have lost us our security in addition. I just hope they don't get us all killed.

Meanwhile, I am angry this morning at my party. especially George Bush and, yes, at our candidates for allowing themselves to be defined by the sexists, ageists and racists in the media, especially on the entertainment side. Providing no effective defense against this barrage is their fault.

I'm afraid I've done all I can to help.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rep. Darrell Issa presents a solution to bail out mess

Darrel Issa, Republican Representative, has proposed a third way.

The Issa solution to the banking and mortgage crisis may not be just the only third way or shall we say a fourth and maybe even fifth? The point is there are others ways to fix this.

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L.A. Times shows McCain had cause to demand Chris Cox's resignation

In today's L.A. Times in the business section I found the following:

SEC faults itself in Bear debacle--The Securities and Exchange Commission failed in oversight of the Bear Stearns Cos. because the regulator knew the investment bank had "high leverage" and was too concentrated in mortgage securities before its forced sale to JPMorgan Chase & Co., the agency's inspector general said.

"It is undisputable that" the SEC "failed to carry out its oversight of Bear Stearns," Inspector General David Kotz said in a report. SEC staff was aware of "numerous potential red flags" but "did not take actions to limit these risk factors," he said.

So, while Obama was again floundering and attacking to distract people from reality, John McCain made the simple statement that "he would fire Chris Cox."

So would I!

Thanks for the read.

ACORN tries to gets its covetous hand in the pig trough

Revealing the Dems' insistence on including funds for this group from the bail out may be John McCain's and fiscal conservatives' biggest coup. Let's help him with it.

Most of us want reform. We have a perfect opportunity to show that we Republicans can take back the true GOP brand, regain momentum and put on a display of reform minded action before the world's eyes.

I've watched ACORN for years and wondered how they got away with some of their stunts. Anyway, this bears looking at and asking the question if this group, or any advocacy group for that matter, should be receiving taxpayer's money. If that is true, then The Red Cross should ask for at least 20% of the proceeds from this bailout. While they're at it, there's a little faith based battered women's shelter over here in my town that could use a lift.

ACORN by its very definition. mission and nature is full of dangerous, reckless and desperate types and will go to any length to get it done. Now that the Fox and some of the MSM is finally reporting about them--finally--there can be some discussion about Obama's "lofty" career as a community organizer.

These people are socialists. I don't want them near my tax money.

Please pass this the url to your friends and ask them if this is what they have in mind for a bail out. Do it fast. We're running out of time and now is the perfect chance to expose Obama for the extremist he really is.

McCain-Obama Debate anticlimactic

The more I see of Barack Obama, the more I realize how little he knows.

The more I see of John McCain, the more I realize how old he is. Last night was no exception. His lackluster performance on the economic issues might be based on a possibility of one or a combination of items.

First, he is struggling with presenting the fiscal conservative's POV for some reason. It's not because he doesn't understand the discipline; it's as if he has something under his hat, maybe a deal he's made with congressional Republicans to get this bail out thing into private hands, where it belongs...but just can't talk about it yet.

I expected more revelation from Senator McCain. He missed a few opportunities to drive home the point that conservatives make on daily basis that this plan is a terrible resolution and it smells like socialism. I wish he had been more forceful in that.

Secondly, I think he's tired. His lack of energy showed at the first part of the debate. Fortunately he picked up the tempo in passion and solutions as he used the best weapon in his arsenal--experience--when he talked about foreign policy.

I also wish McCain had used the antiBush message more effectively, which I presume is the real reason he went to Washington which is to show that the "McSame" message is wrong. Have you noticed the Obama campaign has stopped that message now? It no longer works.

My suggestion to Steve Schmidt, Rick Davis and Senator McCain is to put Palin out there to take up some of the slack. She's going to get her chops busted; that's part of it. But her principles and ideas are sound and she can be confident that she's representing a vast number of Americans. It's time to turn her loose and let it happen. No one can do this alone. This is not the time to hold her back.

How can Sarah campaign and study issues at the same time? I don't know. How does she raise five children and still run the state of Alaska?

Thanks for the read.

The Sarah Palin-Joe Biden Debate

Sarah Palin is not perfect.

She has a problem with the timbre of her voice, for instance, which when she's excited becomes high and shrill. She needs to breathe from her diaphragm and bring her voice down. If Hillary could do it, she can do it.

She's got a "northern" accent which gives people the idea she's a hick. It may or may not work; she needs to round her vowels out a little, say "working" instead of "workin," and slow down.

Her malaprops are odd, but then every politician has his own. Being able to carry off a blooper successfully will come with experience and sophistication with MSM. As much as I detest this, nucular became the pronunciation even among physicists! This works in the swing states, but it won't make her job with the press any easier. Someone must correct her immediately so she doesn't keep doing it. It takes away her credibility.

She's contentious and has a tendency to pop off when she's rattled. The reason? She doesn't have the knowledge yet to handle the pop quizzes from the MSM. That's a problem. She needs to find another way than challenging the interviewer when she's stumped. Turning it around on the interviewer is tough, but it can be done. She should have said to Katie, "I'm sorry, Ms. Couric, but I know you realize I'm on a steep learning curve (like you were at CBS) and you've caught me somewhat off guard...I think I've answered you as well I can right now. Thank you for your question."

If Couric countered with "I was just a news reporter at CBS. There's a difference. You are one heartbeat away from the presidency," all she can respond with is, "Well, fortunately the inauguration is not until January 20th. I'm confident by then I'll be where I need to be for President Elect McCain and America."

Being honest is a great way to move forward. It disarms the interviewer and relieves the interviewee's stress level. Don't let the interviewer define you, I'd tell her, from now on. But nothing would have changed the direction of those two interviews as Gibson and Couric were out to get her. It also takes control back from the interviewer.

So, with these distractions and "deficiencies," does Sarah have a chance in the debate with Joe Biden on Thursday?

I think she does. I think if she handles these aspects of her presentation and uses her natural charm, of which she has plenty, she can pull off her half of the show in a satisfactory way. It may not be a journeyman performance, but she'll do well. It's her nature because she's a winner.

However, what she needs to do now is work, work, work and study her brains out. She's at a disadvantage because of her two "poor" interviews with Gibson and Couric; however, now that she's been stuck in the "no win zone," and basically lost in the eyes of MSM, she can put that behind her with the knowledge that she'll never win the MSM to her side, but it would be nice if she could find a tempo, maybe work with them a bit more. She's in "their" house; not hers, but still it doesn't take much to swoop this group off its feet. They're very superficial bunch and like pretty things...and she is one pretty thing!

With Biden, I would approach him as an interesting older gentleman with whom I would carry on a spirited political conversation. She can't muscle or bulldog Biden, but she can exploit the Senator's natural ebullience and his love of the sound of his own voice. Then when he screws up with facts, Mrs. Palin can gently correct him, not to embarrass him, but to set the record straight.

Finally, she must start wearing lighter colors. She needs winter white wool crepe or woven suits, warm light (not pastel) hues to establish her image as a bearer of light and wisdom. I think the dark tones are unflattering on her and suggest a powerful presence that doesn't stand up well.

Although I do like the cuts of her suits for all professional women, I think she'd do well in fluid fabrics, suggesting a more tolerant viewpoint, more approachable than the firm, hard, tailored things she wears now. Someone find her a beautiful gold torch brooch (Statue of Liberty) to pin somewhere! And pearls, please. Nothing more than pearls including earrings.

Thank goodness she has such a great figure; she can wear anything.

If she takes my advice, and after she establishes the high ground and momentum, God willing--and she has studied enough, she can let go in this debate, enjoy herself and take the win home.

Little girls from the country go to the big city all the time and do very, very well.

Thanks for the read.

Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain's trip to Washington: reform writ large

Actually, that is the reform I want--someone to take Washington's business-as-usual, underhanded dealing that Americans have no say over and yank the whole "arrangement" out from under them, just as we've seen the past 72 hours from Senator McCain. Part of that arrangement evidently includes funding for ACORN and LaRaza.

To review, the very folks who brought us this mess (Schumer, Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid) are now lying to us again. There was never a deal. I know that because the time line indicates a deal wasn't even close.

According to John Boehner of Ohio, who told the press he wouldn't be "rolled" by the White House, if there was a deal, it was their deal, not the House's. When I hear about the arrogance of the so-called powers that are really lame ducks foisting their version on the rest of us, I agreed with Boehner in that I won't rolled either by these hacks either.

Now, the major Dems are protecting themselves because of their presidential candidate's inability to navigate through Washington--which is why Obama stayed away. Obama is a teenager compared to these old pols; sure enough, Obama's presidential politics, as they called it, wasn't needed.

If there was ever a place and time for presidential politics it is in Washington, D.C. and it is right now. For Senator Obama to childishly insist upon holding the "debate" indicates one more time that he just doesn't set priorities for the country, only for himself in the context of winning the presidency. That debate could be held any time. It's interesting to watch him fight so hard for himself while allowing the rest of his party determine what's right for America. Leadership?

I predict Obama's indifference and laid back behavior will begin to haunt him when the reality of this bail out hits the American public. It is clear to me from talking, listening and watching that Americans do not want this bail out. Period. The folks in Washington are going to have to figure out something other than a deal that will cost each man, woman and child $10,000. Do the math, folks.

The other reason the major Dems are fighting so hard to embarrass the opposition is because they are covering up their party's major ethics problems within the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac connections to their respective campaigns which come in the form of houses, breaks and huge amounts of corrupt money.

I was hoping Senator McCain would really name names this time, as he promised in his reform speeches. I suppose that would be a tangential issue at this point, but I'd love to see Barney Frank and Chris Dodd in jail. Some day.

It seems the only person in the entire legislative and executive branches interested in taking a longer, more detailed look at this mess, along with asking some questions and not be bullied by Bush and the Dems is John McCain.

The Democrats' repeated effort to tell the rest of us there was a deal and that McCain screwed it up shows their disconnect from anyone's reform message whether it is Obama's naive change we can believe in or John McCain's true, demonstrated intentions to reform Washington and the way it does business.

If they call that interference, then so be it. That's part of his job description.

Thanks for the read.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama blinked and McCain wins this hand. It's the leadership, Stupid.

I have to laugh at the behavior of Barney Frank and Harry Reid. Oh, yes, and Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer, all of whom have assured the American public that "presidential politics" should not be infused into the melt down debate. That talking point spread fast from the Obama campaign yesterday, as they floundered and did everything BUT show leadership.

At first, Obama said, no, I can do it all. Let McCain go and have his meetings; the crisis is under control. Let's have that debate (as if the world will certainly end if they don't debate the very prescribed moment reserved by some committee somewhere last year). We're to look at the economy of Oxford, Mississippi while Rome burns? That's one of the arguments Obama uses, BTW. It will hurt people financially if we don't debate. (So, could we not debate on Monday, Tuesday, the next available date; WHAT is the big deal?)

Then the kid said later, Okay, I'll come to Washington...after Bush called and persuaded Obama.

(huge smirk)

Meanwhile, his Dem pals REFUSE to meet with McCain, Bush and even their own man! The very people who have stood squarely against regulation of the banking industry loan programs are the same who are "fixing" this mess. They clain one of their big concerns is oversight of all that money.

Speaking of foxes and chicken houses, isn't it rich that these folks are in charge and no one seems to mind, except the rest of us? Ah, Washington and its peculiarities.

Meanwhile, Obama continues his protestation that he can do all things at once, suggesting that McCain is an old fashioned, doddering idiot who can't think past one task. In my mind, I see nothing but arrogance and ignorance. He doesn't have a clue about Washington and how it works apparent today as his spokespeople fan out still talking about yesterday's "task gap" argument, still acting like the follower he really is.

Their man blinked.

Thanks for the read.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain takes control of his party; sticks Bush in the corner. Obama's not that concerned.

I've happy with the decision John McCain made this afternoon suspending his campaign in the interest of helping solve the financial crisis we're now in. He's grabbed the leadership role by divorcing himself from the Bush debacle in the most beneficial way possible.

Obviously, now that we know of Obama's indifference based on his ignorance, we will see exactly what the young man is made of. Not much, as it's turning out saying he's available if anyone needs him. Now that's leadership. "I'll be in the pool, while you guys work it out."

As has been said, "It's the economy, Stupid."

Thanks for the read.

Obama's Fifth Column: computer geeks

Most people in this day in age, unfortunately, don't even know what an information specialist (IS) is. Some do, because they are in corporations which use the nomenclature such as information systems expert, for example, of vague bucket words which attempt to describe what these people do in the company. They're computer geeks.

I know what some of these titles meant, at least some of them, when I was in corporate America, although there are new titles which sound as vague as the old ones. Information systems specialists were the guys who ran everyone's life by deciding whose computer system was going to be looked after that day. They were, as nerds, important and indispensable for the first time in their sorry little lives. They became proud of their nerddom because they felt emboldened by their numbers and a sudden status on the planet. Who knew?

So, when I see the sneering elitist ads which come from the Obamas about McCain's inability to use a computer, their metaphor to the average person's guns and Bibles, as well as their condescending attitude toward people who don't "get" computers, like many people, I worry.

I worry because these nerds have now become operators of huge systems and organizations which decide what kind of a day we're all going to have. No one should have that much power. In addition, some of these folks who can't carry on decent conversations due to their self-imposed isolation in front of a CRT, have become the "communications" experts.

This arcane tier in life must be extremely fascinating for them as too many of them are, as I said, important for the first time in their lives, and very young. The real problem, of course, is this Fifth Column is an arrogant bunch, as bereft of morality as seen in the hacktivism into Palin's email, and now Fox's Bill O'Reilly's account and website. They claim to be the watchers, if you will. Instead, they move in as if they're above the law and seem certainly smarter than you and me, smugly blaming the victim for being so open.

I'll remind our mostly inexperienced friends: there is a law against hacking email accounts. One fellow got ten years for hacking into his colleague's email, remember, not too long ago. It's like stealing mail out of a physical mailbox, a federal crime punishable in a nasty place like Leavenworth.

The geeks are laughing at us because most of us don't have intimate knowledge of computers and systems. They're right; we don't. Therefore, the rest of the world at an extreme disadvantage in fighting their dangerous tyranny. But we have to fight them and win.

The information specialists are actually the ones who bear watching and then prosecuting those who break the law. Many of the IS types seem to be watching each other. However, it's not enough; the bad guys are still winning.

Thanks for the read. And we'll see if I'm back online after this.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fundamentals? Why should I make my next mortgage payment?

No one in America today can tell you what his home is really worth. Walk in to any restaurant or other public place and simply ask someone who "owns" a home what he thinks it's worth. He can't answer that question nor can the banks that hold his paper.

That's why it's not hard to understand why someone with an upside down mortgage caused by the irresponsible actions of both the banks and our government to wonder if he should even make that next monthly payment. After all, some people would argue, they've lived up to their responsibility by paying every month on time...kept their side of the bargain, while the banks, in their poor fiduciary response in its duty to protecting the investment on their end get bailed out. The banks' inability to make good loans has affected the price of other homes. In fact, not one home is worth any more than the other when it gets to this point. Ask an appraiser if this is not true. The price of a home is based on what the market will bear.

It causes one to contemplate the rest of the financial set up we have here. Something really awful is happening to America. I have to agree with those who blame it on greed; oh, yes, I saw way too many banks take loans on a matter of greed rather than on a matter of the debtor's ability to pay. Much of that activity was promulgated by those in charge who demanded home ownership opportunities for people who didn't have jobs! I remember the stacks and stacks of offers to refinance and make it easy as pie to use your home as an ATM.

One of Senator McCain's fundamentals is absolutely correct. Decent people will continue to pay an upside down mortgage because it is fundamentally the right thing to do--I guess--although I'm not sure it's the right thing to do, as is getting up and going to work even though they're spending way more than they should have to for gas to get to that job. One thing I believe is that every bit of this misery is caused by huge numbers of people not doing, fundmentally, the right thing.

Now that the George Bush and the Congress wants to bail out these banking imbeciles, in the meantime forgetting those long-gone mortgage brokers, they also want to increase our taxes to pay for this mess. They hold the D word over our heads and in the meantime hold America hostage, saying the U.S. must save AIG.

Let's see. Fannie and Freddie, AIG shenanigans should cost all of us about about $800,000,000,000 (billion).

On second thought, maybe I'm not into fundamentals these days. Maybe we Americans who in good faith placed our money in the hands of these scheisters should stop paying our mortgages for a while. What are they going to do? Kick everyone out? Let's see where that puts these boobs, their golden handcuffs, their zillion dollar houses and royalty lifestyles that were gained off the backs of people like you and me. Enough already. Enough.

Thanks for the read.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tina Fey: she's off the Cool Broads list forever

I wrote a protest email to NBC regarding the Saturday Night Live attack on Palin, which was what they say was satire about the overkill media coverage and unfairness to Palin.

It seemed to me to be a disguised attempt at ridiculing people who didn't think like them, just another way of introducing doubt into peoples' minds about the fitness of Sarah Palin, by somehow suggesting she is what they term "trailer trash." NBC's response to huge criticism reminded me a lot of those at the New Yorker whose cover about Michelle in combat fatigues and Barack dressed in Arab garb was "meant" to be parody and if you didn't get it, as one of their spokespeople said, you're an idiot. SNL basically has made the same statement. You're an idiot if you don't get this.


An awful lot of entertainment types are calling people like me "idiots" these days. I don't like that. I don't like their corporate assumption that everyone who is not a Democrat is a bad person, that if I am a Republican, I am somehow substandard in their view. It's become tedious , unenlightening and not very entertaining.

I probably would've cut SNL more slack but while we're talking about creative judgment here, since when is it okay for a nominated candidate for U.S. Senator to write a stealth skit (Al Franken, an SNL ex-writer)? Who knew it would turn into nothing more than an offensive assault on McCain-Palin? Please, Lorne, you know better than that. Equal time, anyone?

Fey stated that she would be glad to not have to play "this lady" again after November 5th during the trade's award show last night. I'll add here that the Emmys were the lowest rated in history and likely most politically themed. Ironically, if SNL and the rest of these morons keeps it up and continues to beat on us, we simpletons out here in fly over country will probably react and vote for Sarah Palin in bigger numbers than ever before and thus, Fey will be playing Palin for longer than she could have ever imagined--eight years, maybe more.

Some people will do anything for money.

Meanwhile, I'll never watch little ole Tina again. She's off my list of Cool Broads forever.

And Sarah Palin? She continues to amaze me with her ability to simply work through the media in the manner in which she's done it with poise and grace. I like the example she sets and I think it's good for American women in particular and for America all around.

Thanks for the read.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Words, just (a few) words for Pakistan on Obama's website

This morning I awoke to the news that the Marriott in Islamabad was hit by a truck bomber, presumably an al-Qaeda terrorist; the large death toll climbs as recovery teams search. This is the fourth such bombing in a very short time.

Read the Obama Plan to keep people safe from such attacks. It was written in August of 2007, which is odd because there has been tremendous change in Pakistan since. A person would think with all those advisors--I heard there were 300--one of them could have come up with a paper or two related to the assassination of Benezir Bhutto, the downfall of Musharraf and the rise of Bhutto's husband as president and their official stand as to these huge changes. Not even when the lawyers were jailed, nothing. Not even a sub-paragraph.

But those small changes are not as important as the Big Idea, the Words-Just-Words aspect of Barack Obama, which is something people may be slowly coming to and realizing--this guy doesn't say anything, let alone have a plan!

Obama's schtick is about doing things on the fly (it's been that way his whole life--his adaptability being one of his major life skills) since he's had no real experience in nearly anything except, of course, that organizing thing in Chicago where all he learned is how to fit in so he'd feel better about himself. As the real world screams by him, he has to start standing up for statements which belie his new "American MOR-style conservatism," which is clearly seen in this unfortunate position paper Obama puts out on his website. The more I read on the website, moreover, the more I realized the people who are working with him sound like winners of essay contests, not much experience, but a lot of naivete.

Obama calls Pakistan a "failed country." In that respect he may be right, but it is our failed country in that U.S. interests continue even through the unpleasant knowledge that terrorism which is unchecked anywhere, especially in Pakistan where the availability of it nukes remain in question, leaves us with no options. However, it's nothing new in politics and gamesmanship and the amateurish attack on this subject is almost embarrassing.

American presidents have propped up many governments for security. When liberals get nuts over that, I just have to shrug my shoulders and have them look toward South America and the events in socialist Bolivia and Venezuela. They will see the future when we capitulate to the hate Oliver North/IranContra/Hwood leftist crowd and those they represent and end up doing our weak willed, subordinating hands-off number with dictators and leftist regimes--those who contemplate war games with Russia in the Caribbean and buy and sell strange and exotic "hardware" from places like North Korea.

Just words, just words, Senator Obama?

Pakistan deserves more than what you've given us. What is your current, I mean this week's, view on Pakistan, Senator Obama?

Thanks for the read.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hillary, you're nuts to skip the anti Ahmadinejad event!

Update 9/20/2008: Shockingly, now Sarah's invite has been yanked.

Senator Clinton! It looks like the old femmies are back in charge of your life and you've taken your tired, old, tinny, walk-like-a-man feminism which states you won't even try to be nice to other women who might be as big and bad as you.

That shows no class, Hill--none, zero, or as the Barackians say, NADA.

For that reason, I have to take you off my list of extremely cool broads. Sorry. You blew it.

There is a way for you to get back on, BTW. Say you were wrong and accept the invite. Show young women it's all right to make a wrong decision and to change your mind, and do the right thing before it's too late.

Thanks for the read, the rest of you cool broads and dudes.

Obama, can we afford these bail outs?

I mean, 80 billion dollars here, 450 billion dollars there?

I'm stunned that we're seeing the three-month Treasury Bill falling to 50-year lows, as well as 450 point drops in the stock market. Meanwhile, I'm listening to the news waiting for some explanations from those in our government, not from pundits, that will give me some more understanding.

This is a dangerous place for both candidates.

But I think Palin is coming at this from the most pragmatic point of view, and the world's oldest one, frankly. We must have oversight because we cannot be trusted to oversee ourselves. What a fundamental and profound acknowledgment of man's inability to handle power, sex and money on his own. Every organization knows that!

Fish rots from the head down
I've always felt public trust was compromised permanently the day under oath Bill Clinton shook his finger at every American and lied through his teeth. It was at that moment those who entertained a shady side decided they could slip a little...after all, the prez does it...every one does it. When little boys asked their dads what sex really was, what the meaning of is is.

Everyone does it. That's what I've always heard.

It's not true. Everyone doesn't. Everyone shouldn't be asked to pay for the excesses of a bunch of spoiled boys and girls who can't handle themselves in public. BTW, what do you bet Senator Obama will ask for even more taxes to help pay for this latest bail out, which he wholeheartedly supports?

Thanks for the read.

Where is Bush's leadership on this financial mess?

Sorry, but George Bush has run out his string with me. I've waited for him to step up and speak in a prime time address about what's happening in our financial markets.

You see, I don't understand all of it myself. I'll bet there are a few others who don't as well. I'm just asking for the man to come out and speak for a bit about what's going on. Is that too much to ask? I think he probably should have been doing a lot of PR for a lot of years, but that's water under the Katrina bridge, now, isn't it?

I know it's not his style, being an MBA and all, that he likes to delegate like he did with "Brownie" at FEMA and with Rumsfeld and the war after McCain told him to get more troops and all, but maybe this time, he could get his ass out of his office or his room or where ever he is and speak about what's going on.

He doesn't know what's going on?



Thanks anyway for the read.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Oprah, From Sarah

Want my advice?

Never, ever, EVER give a man money; it makes him weak...especially if he's a Chicago politician.

Your friend,

Sarah Palin

Obama, Metrolink, Streisand Fund Raiser, Brolin, Stone, "W", Ike: What idiots

Bring it on, Babs. While you're at it, get your stepson, Josh Brolin, and roll him out so he can let everyone know about his new movie, "W," which sounds like an outrageous, covetous piece of envious crap from Oliver Stone about one of his peers, an inside joke--it's gotta be--because no one with a real soul would step on stage during this time of tragedy, drink champagne, eat a bunch of arugula and raise money for a penny ante Chicago politician.

Oh, I forgot, except in Hollywood...where it's all about the look of it.

Pray for the victims of both tragedies.

Thanks for the read.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swift Boat Politics: the Dem's final "victim" argument

They've even given it a name.

Obama mentioned "Swift Boat Politics" this morning in his reactionary speech defending his usage of lipstick on a pig in the context of this election.

BTW, does this guy EVER say he's sorry? That's really all he had to do. But no, his arrogance and tin ear when it comes to women, won't allow his ego such a failure. He just defends no matter what he says...or changes his position without apology. Strange guy.

Anyway, I looked up the term in Wikipedia and found this.

Of course the left's reaction to the legitimate practice of character testimony for a candidate is puzzling to me. Are they saying that regardless, it is wrong for the candidate's acquaintances to say what they hominem?

I don't think so. I think people are just passing on information. What should the Swift Boaters have done...say Kerry was a great leader, when they knew he wasn't? That was not up for debate--the man failed as a leader.

The usage of Swift Boat Politics is an interesting tactic, although it's nothing new. It's basically the 21st Century version of using McCarthyism as an excuse for revelations of bad behavior in the past. It is also simply a victim hood response which is what these Dems are about anyway. When the going gets tough they cry Swift Boat Politics.

Nothing new.

Thanks for the read.

The only pig in this fight is Obama...and a sexist one at that!

Obama's phony outrage to McCain's "phony" outrage was well, outrageous.

Obama knew exactly what he was going to say; in fact, the "lipstick" motif had already been introduced in a speech earlier. This is obviously a Hail Mary to keep Obama's base fired up. Their donation figures are looking grim and I've been reading small pieces of doubt into every surrogate I hear.

What's most outrageous to me, though, is the fact Obama would actually use a sexist joke--in light of the context of his nomination--and alienate even more women.

I'm calling Senator Obama on his sexist pig remark.

Thanks for the read.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Voters trust McCain's instincts; accept Palin

Not that John McCain didn't have great talking points and Sarah's great looks and phenomenal family and work ethic, there comes a time when there's no other explanation.

Troops trust their leaders after a time...Grant's, Washington. You just gotta go with your leaders.

I'm there. I trust John McCain to have figured out that this girl can handle what's going on. She deserves our support.

What's the alternative? A Chicago machine politician with really leftie, weird ideas or someone like John who's been there, done that, said that, denied and proved he was right that, chose that, claimed that, lived and still wants to REFORM that.

I'm learning to trust again. Reform requires trust, I think.

Thanks for the read.

Obama's doing the same thing to Door Mat Hillary as husband Bill!

Why is Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail for Obama? Hasn't she had enough of the people who put her down, insulted her and made her a laughing stock?

Now that's we've discussed the media...

Why would she put anything toward Barack Obama?

She is the epitome of the door mat.

Sorry, Hillary. You let your husband ruin your career after he publicly humiliated you. Now you want to let Obama do the same?

I don't get women like you, Hill. I just don't. Nothing is worth your loss of dignity.

Thanks for the read.

Finally, MSNBC's grown ups take over: lose Olbermann

This is a win.

I got a huge response from my editorial of August 1, 2008 about MSNBC's terrible coverage. The increase was 500% in a period of one hour. I wonder sometimes if someone at the network read what I said and took it to heart: they're idolizing not analyzing.

Regardless, our collective criticism across the board made a difference.

Now that Tom Brokaw and some other veterans have stepped up to stand for their profession, the higher-ups are listening. The heads of the networks are evidently too scared, too entrenched (read my article) or not really news people--just entertainment executives.

Thanks for the read.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain and Palin: the Republican's Team of Mavericks whose message is REFORM

The team of McCain and Palin are starting to coalesce into their reform agenda-driven duo, but it's not as quickly as the media would like.

Many of us Republicans are already seeing reform as we watch the McCain campaign stick it to the media. Instead of kowtowing to its elite who have shown they want to destroy our new candidate, Sarah Palin, Davis, Schmidt and company opted to keep her under wraps until they're good and ready.

This approach drives even Chris Wallace nuts, as was clearly displayed today on Fox News Sunday in his interview of McCain's guy, Rick Davis. Wallace pressed over and over for a date Sarah would be debuted to the "press." Davis answered, broken record-style, "when the campaign thinks it's a good time."

Rick Davis and John McCain decide when it's time for the hyenas will pick apart their girl, not the hyenas.

They must continue to be aggressive because the Obama people consistently use the old leftist campaign styles which have thrown more than one unsuspecting, sometimes illiterate electorate somewhere in the world onto their side. Distort, deny, distract, obfuscate and attack...did I miss any?

The Do Not Touch list in my Obama's Do Not Touch book grows. We must use every one of those untouchable items, except for his children, to stay alive because of the Dems huge increases in registered Democrats, mostly the young voters.

But it must be remembered that reform and change is our message, the most powerful one we have domestically.

This change can now come about because the Republican Party of the last few years is finally over and gone. I'm am a centrist who has felt powerless to change the old boys who couldn't keep their pants zipped, or their hands off easy money and in the meantime help destroy our Party. I've watched the corruption in my own state, on both sides, and have felt powerless to do anything about it. What an inspiring message Sarah Palin has brought. Reform is possible and change is real when you've got someone to lead you!

I was never for Bush, was a McCain supporter forever. It hurt me to see how Bush treated him in 2000. But, I forgave him because I thought nothing would have been worse than Al Gore. I knew back then Dubya was the pleasure-bent son of a good man, which is one reason he didn't appeal to me as a candidate, but eventually I came to think perhaps his character would come out once people took him seriously.

I was right about a couple of things where George Bush, the Younger, is concerned. He is tenacious and quite brave. But his strengths turned into weakness. He showed that he wasn't equipped to handle leadership. Sweet karma, some of his opponents would say. Without that strong example and vision, our party floundered. Of course, there were a few other set backs, like the comportment of Republican Speakers (the fish rots from the head down), as well as the pay back aspect of the Democratic congress and an impossibly hostile press; however, part of leadership is dealing with such issues.

Our other new issues
While I write this morning, a new axis of evil is gearing up to literally surround America with dangerous problems. Iran is busy in the testing business today; Venezuela is working with Russian sailors this morning in the war game game off the coast of Venezuela. In addition, North Korea, those little devils, have reinstated nuclear program, again thumbing their noses at the West. I'll brighten your day a bit here by reminding you that Pakistan is in chaos as we speak, which causes a person to wonder who will get his hands on those nukes first, the new reform government or Al Qaeda. And then there's Georgia.

Team of mavericks
Leadership and vision, reform and change, led by a Team of Mavericks. That's good; now let's see how the campaigns match up in these brand new life and death challenges, not the least of which is the Republicans resisting capitulation to a press corp that resemble the dogs that used to chase me on my runs. This is the same media, by the way, who stood in the way of progress in Iraq and distorted our foreign policy positions. So far, so good.

Of course, the McCain campaign won't turn his other maverick loose yet. Why would they? Leaders decide when and where, not the other way around.

Thanks for the read.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

O'Reilly coaxes and jostles Obama into submission

The first part of the O'Reilly Obama interview provided me with some respect for Bill I thought he'd never earn. When watching his past "exposes," he never failed to disappoint in that he never quite got to the meat of the issue. I've attributed it to his general lack of sophistication politically--or he's really a great Devil's Advocate.

However last week, he was able to coax the truth out of Obama re: the surge. In so doing, along with the his body language, Obama managed to come off like a little boy trying to persuade his history professor that he really did read the assignment.

As I've watched Obama for the past year or so, I've noticed he is a cauldron of anger...and when it's tapped (when things aren't going well in the campaign), he loses his temper. Moreover,I believe that "temper" they talk about with McCain is pretty measured by now. An older man probably has learned how to direct it. But in Obama? It's not becoming.

I'm not at all sure Obama and, more importantly, his PEOPLE can tolerate the political reality that there are those who disagree with them. Note: the knee jerk press release from them when Mrs. Palin was announced. What did it say? Something about her being a hick? Something about having zero experience? That reveals tremendous arrogance backed by anger.

I shouldn't be so hard on them, I suppose. They never learned to appreciate that opposition is not often seen in the thuggish machine politics of Chicago. Listening to your opposition is a learned trait.

Obama's interview with O'Reilly confirmed to me our little boy is not nearly ready. Not yet. Maybe never. Real men don't treat women the way he does. Neither are the bunch behind him who want a black man elected no matter what it does to our women have been belittled and disenfranchised for the "dream."

We watched how little girls saw Hillary get planted in the back row regardless of those 18 million, just like any good ole boy network; how little boys get to see their daddies mistreat and insult women and have that ideal reinforced; how a professional woman like Michelle Obama was forced by the good ole boys to dumb down her speech; how a group of so called Democrats have pulled off the most undemocratic nomination modern America has ever seen.

Of course, the other big story that has been completely missed by MSM is the fact that a small group of nerds can rearrange the entire Republican introduction strategy based on a told a whopper, but no one looks at that--they just jump on Palin and the "vetting" process.

Until the real stories, like the ones above are asked about of the candidate, people like O'Reilly simply fill in some blanks. In other words, I don't expect much, unless Obama loses his temper.

Thanks for the read.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hey, Dems. Bottom line is you didn't put a woman on the ticket. You had your chance.

There is no greater joy in my political junkeedom than what has occurred over the past week.

First of all, I got my wish; I got a woman as VP. I wanted Condi, as you know. But when Sarah Palin was announced I jumped back to the years I was her age and also wanted to be taken seriously.

Then, after the thunderous welcome to Sarah in Dayton, it was the very next morning the DailyKos, without any proof, began the rumor that Sarah was actually the Down's Syndrome child's grandmother, and she was hiding that Bristol, her daughter was really the mother. Bristol's pregnancy went national as a result of an astute eye from a Dailykos person who probably will be embarrassed that he tried to ruin a family--someday--when he's old enough and matured and hurt enough to finally get it.

Anyway, Governor Palin was forced to announce the pregnancy of her daughter, Bristol...although everyone in town knew it anyway.

I have to admit I was shocked--probably more angry than shocked--that she had put us in the position of dealing with a scandal. But then, I thought that someone had messed up.

Well, someone did. It doesn't really matter to me how the vetting was done; I'm sure it was sufficient. It may be that Governor Palin didn't know how she was going to break it to Senator McCain. From what I understand, he thought about the "dirty" laundry (according to the liberal media), this is a little child, after all, and the daughter of a mother and father...I can only imagine when Bristol told the folks that she's pregnant.

I'm surprised at the current crop of feminists who resent Governor Palin...obviously, they do...and how they got EXACTLY what they wanted, except for the Republican part! It's so sad they can't forget the ideology for one minute to congratulate a fabulous woman.

Instead we got attitude from urban, elite fems like Dowd and Quinn. What their attitude displayed is they're no different than anyone else...they could have pushed the Democrat Party to accept Hillary, but instead one of them made fun of her...and the other forsook her.

No wonder they feel funny about Sarah.

I found the fact that she was forced to disclose her daughter's pregnancy as vulgar as any of her critic's charges against her.

I realized then how much I like her.

Women who aren't outdoorsy types (I was raised on a farm and followed my gentleman farmer father across every acre, learned to shoot, ride, dig post holes) maybe don't understand that women like Sarah Palin have a kinetic energy that their city mouse sisters will probably never attain. She's had this fabulous learning childhood, like mine, from which she actually believes she can do anything she wants...regardless.

I come from a long line of women like Sarah Palin...I won't belabor the point but I think most strong Americans do. Men and women, those who moved through the middle of the country. Some stopped and put down roots, while the others, probably a little more energetic than their relatives, moved on westward. They left their pioneer footprints all along the way, from North Carolina to Alaska, the same one's we're seeing in their great-grand children's yearning to be understood and respected by the rest of the nation.

This woman is the real deal and she deserves our respect. She'll do very well in the "foreign" policy areas as time goes along. Her instincts are protection at all costs; well, she is a hunter for Heaven's sake! Maybe that's what we need for a while.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

News Flash: Palin didn't get a passport until 2007 and Meg Whitman says there's no sexism in coverage!

I don't have a current passport either. My old one expired in 1985.

But according to hack David Gergen on CNN, one can't possibly know foreign policy unless one has a passport! This coming from the same man who stated that the use of Moses in McCain's ads was code for Negroes becoming too uppity. Gergen knew that for sure, he said, because he's from the south.(?)

Gergen comes from the same group of twits who are trying to tell us Mr. Obama really does has more experience than Palin. Gergen said today to use the current arguments hailing Palin's experience is laughable. Laughable, huh?

CNN. Meanwhile, GOP spokespeople Amy Holmes and Leslie Sanchez let him get away with it!

Gee, now a person not only has to be an easterner from an eastern school, but you gotta have a freakin passport.

This is ridiculous. Blow back, people. We're losing our country because of hacks like David Gergen, a guy who doesn't have a real job.

BTW, I only watch MSNBC and CNN because I want to see how they're handling this stuff. They are incapable of asking questions that don't speak to their own opinion and agenda. There are not many left who are interested taking their journalistic roles very seriously.

Later, on Fox, Meg Whitman, adviser to McCain, actually used the successful white woman executive schtick (many women CEOs pull this crap once they "make" it) from which she responds to Chris Wallace about sexism in the campaign.

"No, I don't think there's been any. " She's kidding, right?

Meg, you obviously have never worked anywhere except for Romney, who you said was your first boss (in government? when?) and now for McCain. I suggest you talk to the rest of us before you make ridiculous statements about the average woman's experiences in the workplace.

You wuz lucky, Meg old girl.

Meanwhile, shut up about sexism, please. Please? You know nothing about it. Go back to the economics room, where you belong and stay off camera. You hurt the party when you make stupid statements like that. Of course, the media's practicing extreme sexism.

Geez, these money types drive me nuts with their delusions about real life. Kinda like Phil Graham and his "whining" remark.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sally Quinn and other elite hypocrites join the smear campaign against Palin

Well, well, well.

Sally Quinn's snobbery is beyond insulting.

Here we are at the place where I have to again paraphrase Orwell: "Everyone's created equal. It's just that some people are more equal than others."

Sally Quinn, the granddaughter of a signer on the Declaration of Independence, graduate of Smith College, married to Ben Bradlee, ex publisher of the Washington Post, reminds all the already guilt ridden women in America that Palin just doesn't pass Sally's muster. Who does Palin think she is working with all those children, especially the special needs one?

Sally's mad, she says, and insulted--mad that McCain would make such a calculating choice, cynical I think she called it, as choosing a woman to become Vice President. So, Obama's selecting Biden wasn't calculated, just a cover up for the foreign policy inadequacies of the Boy Wonder (who really doesn't have executive experience)?

While Sally, this married-to-get-where-she-is has been, rotates in and out of four or five mansions, I wonder if she for a second worries about the next payday. Probably not. She's more concerned about what the other elites are thinking and saying...not to mention getting that dinner party together for next weekend to they can all tsk tsk about how they're losing their country to the people.

More to the point, perhaps Sally should get a reality check and read up on the ascension of the newly widowed Katherine Graham, the woman with NO experience who took over the Washington Post when her husband died...before Bradlee got to it.

She might also want to research before she pronounces to the rest of us what is appropriate for young mothers. She after all, didn't have her only child until she was 41, a fact which could be construed by some as irresponsible, considering the high incidents of birth defects. I won't go any farther, but let's get real while we're throwing around the judgment.

Sally Quinn is enamored with her own east coast family and elitism, an unbecoming and transparent display of snobbery, to be of any help to the rest of America. On the contrary, Governor Palin has more demonstrated ability and results than Quinn could ever dream of producing. Palin was elected by the people, not self appointed. Elites like Quinn insist on forgetting that tackier, more pedestrian aspect of our democracy.

Sally Quinn, after all, is only a writer and not a very good one at that, who's shown herself to be an out of touch, miserable old hypocrite.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

"Palin's not a real feminist, you know. She's just a token."

Or how about this one?

"She's not a real mother; after all, who could leave a 3-day baby at home and go to work?"

I got this one from that bunch at the children's table at DailyKos.

"She's actually the grandmother of that child. The Down's Syndrome baby is really her daughter's."

Here's a good one written by a Brit that I pulled from the Times online site:

"It figures you dumb Americans would pick someone from Hicksville, USA."

These quotes are a compilation of the Left's sludge I went through this morning. Even at this point in the election, I'm amazed at the venom and vituperation of our opposition in the blogosphere.

Most interesting is their preoccupation with experience. Since these people are incapable of carrying on a conversation with actual points and rules (they have no background), it is silly to debate the experience issue by comparing their presidential candidate with our vice presidential candidate. Their tiny minds don't and won't understand the differences.

First of all, unlike these bloggers, these citizen journalists, most of whom are totally inexperienced in delivering news and commentary, Governor Palin was elected to her post, not self-appointed. I have to laugh at the temerity of them calling the Governor inexperienced--like they're all Edward R. Murrows.

Even I--coming from a career of corporate and legal writing--don't take myself that seriously!

Secondly, the feminists who believe McCain is trying to win them over by using the Governor? No. What he's doing is trying to win over the women and men in the rest of the country who can't bring themselves to vote for Obama and Biden, not because Hillary didn't get on the ticket, per se. It may be because many swing state voters don't like what they see on the Democratic side in any case: that the Left has hijacked their party. At least with Hill on the ticket they trusted somehow the Left wouldn't be as prevalent. Not many feminists in that group, maybe. Women for Hillary are not the target.

Frankly, we've been hoping some feminists can see their way clear to acknowledge there are different kinds of feminism, not the strident, ball-breaking, family-destroying mess that they foisted on women in the 70s. The old feminists are the tanks, the dinosaurs who can't believe that today's women do things quite differently which might be the reason people will actually vote for Governor Palin.

I worked for women who hated women who"made" it, especially if they thought those women got there because they were lucky. These bloggers, many of them young males, remind me of them. They show a unpleasant, unwarranted disregard and hostility for women in their party. I find it odd that the younger Democratic Party power males are allowed to be so conservative and blatantly sexist. Maybe this is a backlash from the feminist ideals of their mothers whose lives didn't include a father to help them learn manners and respect.

Then I remember the dumbed down speech given by Michelle Obama, a lawyer in her own right, someone who is successful on her own. She allowed these boys to make her stupid because they were afraid to show her for what she really is while we listened to her husband tell us anything was possible...except for that pesky part about being president and that were just kidding with the 18 million cracks.

So, really, the feminists should have a beef with the Democrats, not us. At least we put our money where our mouth is.

A token?

I'd say this is just another case of Democrats' sour grapes. The big fems couldn't get it done in their party, could they? But like the woman scorned, they're not going to allow any other woman to do it. Hypocrites.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let's compare apples (Obama) and apples (McCain); not apples and oranges (Palin)

Want to know how to handle our Democrat friends who are talking trash about Governor Palin?

Keep the Democrats on the defensive about Obama's inexperience. Governor Palin has a thousand times more than he. Remember what counts are the comparisons between the two Presidential candidates.

It's tough for Dems to stay on track because they're so full of emotion. Don't let them put you on the defensive about Palin. Apples and oranges. Refuse to have the discussion, but if they insist, which they will--just have them look at the resumes and compare them.

Meanwhile, my thanks to a friend with the engineer's mind who compiled the following data. It's nice to have cheat sheets to fall back on.





Favors new drilling offshore US



Will appoint judges who interpret the law not make it



Served in the US Armed Forces



Amount of time served in the US Senate


173 DAYS

Will institute a socialized national health care plan



Supports abortion throughout the pregnancy



Would pull troops out of Iraq immediately



Supports gun ownership rights



Supports homosexual marriage



Proposed programs will mean a huge tax increase



Voted against making English the official language



Voted to give Social Security benefits to illegals





0% on home sales up to $500,000 per home (couples). McCain does not propose any change in existing home sales income tax.


28% on profit from ALL home sales. (How does this affect you? If you sell your home and make a profit, you will pay 28% of your gain on taxes. If you are heading toward retirement and would like to down-size your home or move into a retirement community, 28% of the money you make from your home will go to taxes. This proposal will adversely affect the elderly who are counting on the income from their homes as part of their retirement income.)



15% (no change)


39.6% - (How will this affect you? If you have any money invested in stock market, IRA, mutual funds, college funds, life insurance, retirement accounts, or anything that pays or reinvests dividends, you will now be paying nearly 40% of the money earned on taxes if Obama becomes president. The experts predict that 'Higher tax rates on dividends and capital gains would crash the stock market, yet do absolutely nothing to cut the deficit.')



(no changes)

Single making 30K - tax $4,500

Single making 50K - tax $12,500

Single making 75K - tax $18,750

Married making 60K- tax $9,000

Married making 75K - tax $18,750

Married making 125K - tax $31,250

OBAMA (reversion to pre-Bush tax cuts)

Single making 30K - tax $8,400

Single making 50K - tax $14,000

Single making 75K - tax $23,250

Married making 60K - tax $16,800

Married making 75K - tax $21,000

Married making 125K - tax $38,750

Under Obama, your taxes could almost double!



- 0% (No change, Bush repealed this tax)


Restore the inheritance tax

Many families have lost businesses, farms, ranches, and homes that have been in their families for generations because they could not afford the inheritance tax. Those willing their assets to loved ones will only lose them to these taxes.


New government taxes proposed on homes that are more than 2400 square feet. New gasoline taxes (as if gas weren't high enough already) New taxes on natural resources consumption (heating gas, water, electricity) New taxes on retirement accounts, and last but not least....New taxes to pay for socialized medicine so we can receive the same level of medical care as other third-world countries!!!

You can verify the above at the following web sites: on_taxes.html

We can't afford an Obama administration.

But then, keeping this corrupt Chicago political machine going, now that they've gone global, takes lots and lots of the people's money. Or as they say in Chi-town, "So many voting suckers, so little time."

Maybe we need to work harder to get this message out. Hope this helps.

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